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Wyndham Private Specialist Consulting Suites
Level 1/242 Hoppers Lane,
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YES, all patients require a referral in order to see Mr Abbas.

Fees are dependent upon whether the patient holds any concession cards, such as a Pension or Health Care Card.

Currently initial consultation fees range between $130 and $250, with a medicare rebate of $76.15.

Waiting times vary and are dependent on the nature of surgery required, the location at which the surgery is to be performed, and associated availability of theatre times and the individual circumstances of the patient eg: private/self-funded.

Yes. All fees associated with surgery will be discussed with the patient prior to any surgery.

Medicare rebates are available for all applicable billing items.

Private health funds will contribute to the cost of inpatient surgical services, depending on the level of your cover, and whether or not you hold any concession cards.