Obesity Management Interest Group

The three-monthly Obesity Management Interest Group aims to provide quality care to the tens of thousands of individuals in the city struggling with obesity.

The brainchild of Mr Douraid Abbas, the group offers General Practitioners and Allied Health Professionals the chance to increase their knowledge about obesity treatment, providing insights into practical approaches to weight management.

Mr Abbas said he decided to initiate the education group to further address the city’s obesity epidemic and eliminate prejudices and misconceptions surrounding obesity treatment.

“It is well-recognised that Ballarat and the surrounding region has an exceptionally high prevalence of overweight and obese people in Australia,” Mr Abbas said.

“There are more than 40,000 people in Ballarat who suffer from obesity and related diseases, and while losing weight is difficult, it is not out of the question.

“We are lucky to have access to numerous new and exciting treatments related to diabetes, obesity and bariatric surgery, which can be life-changing when combined with dietary and lifestyle changes.

“This education group provides local health professionals with the tools and knowledge they need to effectively combat obesity and provide adequate support, guidance and care for their patients.”

The Obesity Education Group takes place every three months and is open to all those practising in the local health and medical industry including (but not limited to) doctors, nurses, psychologists and psychiatrists, dieticians, diabetes educators and physiotherapists.

“Losing weight can be a challenge, and today’s over-emphasis on body image can carry great emotional pressure, not to mention the stresses of work, family and business,” Mr Abbas said.

“It’s vital that we, as health professionals, understand the challenges that our patients are going through so we can provide them with the tools and treatment they need to enhance their well-being.”

To express your interest in attending, or for more information, contact office@chsurgeons.com.au or call 5332 8100.